Children's Party Terms & Conditions

Jenny's Painted Pots Terms & Conditions for Children's Parties

Party Time and Duration

Party Organisers should try to arrive 10 minutes prior to their party commencing and leave by the end of their booked party duration. Depending upon other users of the Shop/Studio, some flexibility can be offered, but cannot be guaranteed.

by Customer
  • We understand that unforseen circumstances can cause customers to cancel parties. However, unless we have more than 48 hours notice, we are unlikely to be able to re-book another party to replace your party. Therefore we will retain the $50 deposit if less than 48 hours notice is provided.

by Store
  • We will always endeavour to host the party for your child, but if in circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to cancel your party, will offer an alternate date and time to you, and if that is not suitable, refund any payment made.

Party Organisers should settle the bill for the party at the time the party takes place. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. Party Organisers should accept that breakages should normally be paid for. At the discretion of the shop and depending upon circumstances, we can sometimes waive the need to pay for breakages

Health & Safety

Party Organisers are responsible for ensuring that food provided and consumed on the premises is suitable for the children at the party. This includes ensuring that they learn of any allergies and adjust the food provided accordingly.

Jenny's Painted Pots has a First Aid kit for cuts and grazes but it unable to offer any medication such as painkillers.