Our Story...

Back in 2013 Sarah Spear opened a small pottery painting shop in Avalon Beach.

Sarah Spear starting Jenny's Painted Pots

She got her business going using the small amount of money she had inherited from her mother Jenny, and so named the shop Jenny's Painted Pots.

For more than a decade Sarah has helped thousands of people, young and old, to enjoy finding their creative side.  

People mainly visit the shop, select a piece of pre-made pottery (called a bisque), then sit down and paint it using the paints provided, according to their own imagination, or sometimes using stencils which Sarah or her staff can provide. 

Jenny's Painted Pots is 10 Years Old

The shop also sells traditional sweets and milkshakes. 

As well as offering people the chance to paint pottery in her shop, Sarah also works off-site with OOSH providers, Girl Guides, Boarding Schools, Hospices and centres for respite care.

Sarah varies her shop window display with whatever seasonal celebration is coming next, and many people travel to visit, just to see the latest display!